Ottawa Mediator Philosophy

The site will focus on many aspects of conflict resolution in three categories:

The ADR spectrum before, during and after litigation, with negotiation as an underlying theme

Non-legalcentric applications of ADR in a universal sense, but particularly in relation to families and communities

Education and training as a philosophy of empowerment to the individual in problem-solving and conflict prevention.

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Family Mediation

Mediation is one option – a process, voluntarily chosen by the parties in dispute, that aims to have the parties arrive to their own amicable agreement.

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Unbundled Family Services

An estimated 50% to 70% of litigants are self-represented. How do litigants manage their cases? Meet unbundled family legal services, a whole new approach to divorce in court.

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Explore helpful resources to ease you through your family dispute. Discover useful links surrounding family mediation and family law to see what will help find resolution.

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